Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Managing Employee Wellbeing

This is a hugely challenging time for everyone since we are dealing real health risk and there’s so much uncertainty. Many employers are also facing the new challenge of managing teams remotely. Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounce back quickly from adversity. Many find this course of real value as work in a changing world. The course provides participants with powerful tools and strategies to build their own Personal Resilience, and help Boost Team Wellbeing, and cultivate Pragmatic Optimism.


Positive Wellness Workshop

Take a deep dive into practical strategies to build resilience and “feel good”.
Participants will learn how to boost resilience, optimism, and positive wellness in these times of uncertainty.

A significant factor in managing stress is to develop one’s own Personal Resilience which can have a positive impact on both individuals, their families and enable participants to cope well with these uncertain and changing times.. This is a high value, 1/2 Day on-line course and provides participants with the tools and strategies to build personal resilience, boost wellbeing and positive mental health.