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Proven Strategies to Boost the wellbeing of you and your team. Reduce stress,  increase productivity and help people cope with challenging situations.

Boost Wellbeing, Confidence & Motivation  in just 4 weeks!!


  • 4 Training Sessions
  • Comprehensive digital workbook to capture insights, support note-taking and development planning.
  • Two Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions with Una
  • A Genos International 180 Emotional Intelligence assessment and an EI Strategies Guide. ( Worth €250 per person)
  • Identify critical leadership behaviours to develop essential Post-Pandemic leadership skills.



Enhance Your Wellbeing

  • Explore how to use emotional self-awareness to boost our wellbeing.
  • Assess and share proven strategies that really work to maintain our wellbeing.
  • Determine how we can make new strategies stick, using the science of behaviour change.



Proven Physical and Environmental Strategies

  • Explore the science of forming new habits.
  • Determine new techniques to implement around sleep, diet and exercise to boost our physical wellbeing.
  • Identify how we could improve our physical environment and structure a wellbeing day.


Improving Wellbeing with Thinking Strategies

  • Discover proven thinking strategies to improvi the way we think, feel, and behave.
  • Work on creating boundaries.
  • Discuss engaging in perspective taking and sense making.
  • Enhance your emotional agility while responding to triggers.



Improving Improving Wellbeing with Social Strategies

  • Discover how to boost social wellbeing with emotional intelligence.
  • Explore techniques to boost the quality of your day-to-day social interactions.
  • Identify a close personal relationship you could improve and the actions you could take to do so.
  • Discover a coaching model for help people cope with challenging situations. Understand the connections between behaviour, performance and decision-making.
  • Review and identify critical emotional intelligence leadership behaviours for your personal development and individual leadership journey.

Your Investment

FEE €254   €224 per person for R&H Skillnet Members


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Wellbeing 2022 course