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Leadership Development Hub

Managing Performance Workshop

Course Outcomes:

  • To enable Managers to empower your people and boost performance.
  • Develop an appreciation of disciplinary procedures and improve your effectiveness in handling conflicts.
  • Know how to deliver effective feedback and deal confidently with challenging situations.

Professional Coaching Skills Workshop

Course Outcomes:

  • Develop skills and confidence to conduct impactful coaching conversations to empower your people and boost performance.
  • Understand the key benefits of coaching conversations
  • Know how to adjust to a coaching style to enable significant improvement in performance.

Leadership Development Workshop

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand your role in managing people and different leadership styles
  • Understand Leading versus Managing and key leadership competencies to deliver business outcomes
  • Understand the keys to great leadership and effective communication with teams and colleagues.

Team Development Workshop

Course Outcomes:

  • To understand the keys to successfully developing high performing Teams
  • Understand how to successfully supervise and motivate your team
  • Know how to lead with Emotional Intelligence in effectively managing teams

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Course outcomes:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is, and how it relates to performance at work
  • Understand how your attitudes and emotions support or hinder your ability to inspire great performance in yourself and others
  • Recognise your own personal Emotional Intelligence strengths and development areas

Successfully Leading Remote Teams

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn techniques to enhance their virtual communication, coaching skills and build psychological safety in their remote teams.
  • Develop practical skills to build trust remotely, recognising the importance of autonomy in remote teams, and ultimately supporting a collaborative working environment.
  • Acquire techniques to empower the team and cultivate a positive team spirit.