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Boost Staff Performance


Boost Staff Performance – Improve staff retention, performance and to continue to delight your customers.

With the current uncertainty businesses are facing the on-going challenge of dealing with the new norm, building resilient teams and retaining the best employees. Learn how to have effective performance conversations that retain staff, improve performance and wellbeing too.  This course assists managers with effectively managing the performance process with confidence to boost staff retention, engagement and performance. Using the latest neuroscience research, managers are provided with cutting-edge strategies and tools to help boost productivity and increase the bottom line.

– What is managing performance.

– Discover your leadership style and explore behaviours to get best performance results from your team.

–  Explore what motivates hospitality staff to stay working with you and perform at their best 

  • Creating an effective  Performance Process to have the most impactful Performance Development conversation. (includes sample of job description, training programme and Performance Development templates )
  • Learn how to set SMART goals collaboratively, which can encourage engagement and individual ownership.
  • Understand what causes poor performance and how to manage it
    • tips on dealing with performance issues positively
  • Develop the skills you need to coach and manage hospitality staff to identify and achieve performance and development goals with a particular focus on
    • goal setting
    • providing feedback to achieve positive change


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to energise, refocus and motivate your team for effective performance.
  • Understand how to create SMART goals and facilitate the goal-setting process to achieve impressive results.
  • Know how to deliver effective feedback during Performance conversations resulting in immediate performance improvement.

Daily Rate / Cost per course: TBC

Private coaching sessions per person to embed the learnings of the workshop in your business. (1 hour per session)

Rate: €150 per 1 hour session (Sessions are in person or on-line)

Action Learning Sets: Up to 4 learners per session with a coach facilitator – to help embed the learnings of the workshop. (1.5 Hour session)
Rate: €225 per 1.5 hour session (Sessions are in person or on-line)

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