Our Team

Our Team

Una Crilly

Una has led teams as a Senior Leader for over 20 years with Ireland’s biggest retailer. She is an experienced Executive Coach who will provide leaders with the powerful strategies used by hundreds of clients, to motivate teams. improve performance, keep top talent, support work-life balance, and accelerate business results.

Marina Branigan

Marina is our Operations Manager and provides technical support to our clients. With her calm and straightforward approach, Marina ensures clients have powerful results from our business systems and resources. If there are any technical queries, please contact Marina, who would be delighted to provide support.

Prof. David Clutterbuck - The last fully active survivor of the pioneers of coaching and mentoring

Prof. David Clutterbuck


Customer Experience Consultant

Charlie Boyle


He has been involved in Management with brands such as HMV, Marriott Hotel group, O’Neill’s, Costa Coffee, TGI Friday’s, John Lewis as well as with other sectors such as light industry, Food processing, and others. Sales initiatives we have been directly involved in have resulted in increases of up to 30% through staff focus on the customer.

Geraldine Gallagher - Supporting corporate women excel in their careers following maternity leave

Geraldine Gallagher


in the retention of female talent, by providing maternity transition coaching, so that they become engaged employees who feel valued, who value themselves, and who are successful as working parents.